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List of Speakers

Reinhard Alkofer (Graz)
  Dyson-Schwinger Equations in the first order formalism
Andjelka Andrasi (Zagreb)
  Divergences in Coulomb Gauge QCD
Tamas Biro (Budapest)
  The hadronization line in stringy QGP
Ivan Dadic (Zagreb)
  Retarded propagator presentation (and consequences of it) of out of equilibrium QFT
Gergely Fejos (Budapest)
  Phenomenological applications of the 2PI Hartree approximation
Leonard Fister,Gernot Lassnig (Graz)
  The Vertex Function of Fundamental Scalar Charges in Landau QCD
Florian Hebenstreit (Graz)
  Electron-positron pair production in time-dependent electromagnetic fields
Tamas Herpay (Budapest)
  Phase diagram of strong matter at finite temperature
Davor Horvatic (Zagreb)
  The QCD transition temperature in a Polyakov-loop DSE model
Markus Huber (Graz)
  IR Fixpoint and Ghost Dominance in Landau Gauge Yang Mills theory
Antal Jakovac (Wuppertal)
  Resummation as changing of the renormalization scheme
Dalibor Kekez (Zagreb)
  Schwinger-Dyson equation: From Minkowski to Euclidean space and back
Dubravko Klabucar (Zagreb)
  Light-quark pseudoscalar mesons at zero and finite temperature
Peter Kovacs (Budapest)
  Phase diagram of strong matter at finite chemical potentials
Andreas Krassnigg (Graz)
  Bethe-Salpeter equation studies of mesons: recent progress and challenges
Diana Nicmorus (Graz)
  Baryon-photon interactions in a covariant Faddeev approach
Andras Patkos (Budapest)
  Renormalizability of 2PI-Hartree approximation
Bernd-Jochen Schaefer (Graz)
  Exploring the QCD phase diagram with functional RG
Kai Schwenzer (Graz)
  A mechanism for confinement in Landau-gauge QCD
Richard Williams (Darmstadt)
  How an IR softly-singular quark-gluon vertex can solve the eta' problem without instantons